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Welcome to BASA - California Evangelism that reaches out to the underprivileged across the globe. 

Dedicated to uplifting the lives of the under-served in Bangladesh, we call on Bengali Seventh-day Adventists living abroad, missionaries and their families who have been serving and those who have served in the past in Bangladesh, as well as well wishers who are interested in educational ministry and evangelism in Bangladesh to come and join and heed God's call to "Go and preach to all nations." We have received many bountiful blessings living abroad. ​How is my improved lifestyle contributing to evangelism in my own country? Much of my burden is relieved by what BASA proposes to implement. We want to get actively involved in evangelism and education ministry in Bangladesh. BASA can be the medium to get us directly involved in fulfilling our commitment. 

For us in California, spiritual growth is what we believe should be at the forefront of our objectives as good Christians. Pooling our resources and reaching out to our less fortunate brethren back in Bangladesh is just the first step in our quest to be more pleasing in God's eyes.
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In various ways for many of us, our living status has significantly improved from our status in Bangladesh. BASA has fulfilled a role in bringing the Bangladeshi community together. We enjoy a rich spiritual and social life. Most weekends we meet together for prayer meetings, Bible studies, socialization, and enjoy eating gourmet traditional food. We also enjoy outings such as camping and retreats. We observe Christmas Season with caroling, worship, and feasting. However, deep inside, many of us often wonder about our commitment as a Christian, to "Go forth and preach to all nations". 

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Welcome to Your home to change life one at a time. Get involved and be a hand and tool of our master to touch lives.

BASA’s Board Members 2016-2018: From left, Francis Roy, Sunil Baidya, Suranjan Baroi, Monika Baroi, Daniel Baroi (Chairperson), Paul Ranjan Baroi, Bidhan Talukdar and Pr. P. R. Das William Bairagee (Absent).
Basa Executive Members 2014-2016 
Basa Membeerrs 2016-2018 (Some are absent due to their personal appointments and Schedule)
The newly elected BASA’s officers 2016-218:From left, Francis Roy (Publicity and News communication), Moses Boidya (Associate, Religion), Sunil Baroi (Vice-President), Sunil Baidya (President), Gopal Halder (Director, Religion), Bichitra Sangma (Director, Cultural and Social), Chumki Bayen (Associate, Food ), Suranjan Baroi (Board member),Monika Baroi (Board member), Paul Ranjan Baroi (Executive Secretary), Martha Talukdar (Director, Food) Sapon Bala (Director, Youth) Pr. P. R. Das (Board member), Bidhan Talukdar Board member).
BASA’s Newly Elected Officers 2016-2018
On August 6, 2016, during General Session of BASA, the members elected the Nominating Committee consisting of 9 members from the floor. This committee would be responsible to elect the new officers as well as the BASA’s Board members for the 2016-2018 period. The committee voted Suranjan Baroi as the chairperson and Suranjan Baidya as the secretary of the committee. The committee met at Suranjan Baidya’s house and elected the new officers.